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Micro-Credit Course List

1. Morality, thinking and society:

1-1. Cross-disciplinary Law
Culture and Copyright
Life and Law
Mass Media and Law
Introduction to Law
Creativity and Law
Culture and Law
Information and Law
Introduction to Financial Law
 Labour Law
1-2. Education Issues
Introduction of  Gender Issues
Introduction of  Gender Issues
Education on Human Rights
Life Education
Gender Education
Multicultural Education
1-3. Thinking and Learning
Introduction of  Gender Issues
Learning of  Character
Critical Thinking
Learning Strategies & Method
Theory of Mind and Learning
Creative Thinking
Mind, Brain, and Mindfulness on Emotion Regulation
1-4. Indigenous Languages and Cultures
Mind, Brain, and Mindfulness on Emotion Regulation(Note:Career Function)
Native Language (Indigenous Language 1)
Native Language (Indigenous Language 2)
Native Language (Indigenous Language 3)
Native Language (Indigenous Language 4)
Introduction to Taiwan's Aboriginal Culture(Note:Literature, History and Philosophy
Introduction to Taiwan's Aboriginal Culture
Culture and Law
Education on Human Rights
Multicultural Education
1-5. Gender Issues
Education on Human Rights
Gender Education
Ethical Issues in Sex and Love
Gender Equality and Law
Introduction to Gender Issues
Introduction to Gender Policy

2. Literature, History and Philosophy:

2-1. Taiwanese Culture
Introduction of Taiwan Culture
Introduction to the historical remains in Taiwan
History and Historical Figures of Taiwan
Visual Images and the History of Taiwan
Democratic Development in Postwar Taiwan
Reading Taiwanese Literary Works
Literature and Society of Taiwan
2-2. Literature
Selected Readings of Literary Classics
Selected Readings in Novels
Literature and Life
Literature and Love
Lectures of Eminent Writer of Taiwan
News writing and interview
2-3. Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Aesthetics
Language and Logic
Introduction to Ethics
Life-Ethics and Inference
Selected Readings of Literary Classics

3.Artistic and design:

3-1. Art and Literature Appreciation
Performing Art Appreciation
Visual Arts Cinematic Art Criticism
Music Appreciation 
Culture and Copyright
Film and Culture
Introduction of Film Art and Culture
An Introduction to Western Literature(Note:Literature, History and Philosophy

4.Digital technology and communications: 

4-1. Digital Technology Creation and Application
Website Design and Appreciation
Creative Digital Images
Creative Digital Images
eBook Design
Boardgame and Creative teaching
Digital Audio/Video Content Creation
Introduction of Computer Aided 3D drawing

5.Environment and natural sciences:

5-1. Sustainable Development
Introduction to Global Change
General Protection of Environmental Safety and Sanitation
Natural Hazards and Environment Changes
Introduction to Humen Life and Environment
Introductory Science
Food and Drug Safety and Sanitation 
Introduction to Environmental Protection
Introduction to Environmental Disaster Prevention
Nature environment and Conservation of Taiwan
Introductory to Life Science
The History of Science Development
Science in Daily Life
Environment Education

6. Career Function:

6-1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Story Marketing
Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar
Introduction of Cultural Industries
Creativity in Everyday Life
Creative Thinking(Note:Morality, thinking and society)
Labour Law(Note:Morality, thinking and society)
Introduction to Financial Law(Note:Morality, thinking and society)
Financial Planning
System Thinking and Problem Analysis

7.Foreign languages and cultures:

7-1. Japanese Language and Culture
Basic Japanese Ⅰ
Basic Japanese ⅠI
Basic Japanese ⅠII
Learning Japanese by the novel
News Japanese
The sociological imagination of Taiwanese culture and Japanese culture
Teaching and Learning Abroad for Japanese
7-2. Korean Language and Culture
Elementary Korean  (Ⅰ)
Elementary Korean  (ⅠI)
Teaching and Learning Abroad for Korean 
7-3. Talent Development in Southeast Asia (Indonesia)
Basic Indonesian  (Ⅰ)
Basic Indonesian  (IⅠ)
Basic Indonesian  (ⅠII)
Modern Indonesia: History and People
7-4. Talent Development in Southeast Asia (Thailand)
Elementary Thai  (Ⅰ)
Elementary Thai  (ⅠI)
The Shifting Thai Classroom
Thai short articles reading (Ⅰ)
Thai short articles reading (ⅠI)
7-5. Talent Development in Southeast Asia (Vietnam)
Basic Vietnamese  Ⅰ
Basic Vietnamese  IⅠ
Basic Vietnamese  ⅠII
Vietnam's geography and economic vision development(Note:Morality, thinking and society)
Vietnam's economic,trade and law(Note:Morality, thinking and society)
Vietnam's custom,culture and festival
Vietnam's shift teaching program

The Enhancement Program for Pre-service Teachers in Cross-disciplinary Teaching

8-1. The Enhancement Program for Pre-service Teachers in Cross-disciplinary Teaching
Reading Teaching(Note:Literature, History and Philosophy)
Writing Teaching(Note:Literature, History and Philosophy)
Teaching Elementary School Science in English(Note:Environment and natural sciences)
Popular Mathematics Reading and Mathematical Game(Note:Digital technology and communications)
Teaching for the Elementary School Science Experiments(Note:Environment and natural sciences)
Science Creation via 3D Technology(Note:Environment and natural sciences)

English Communication for Pre-service Teachers in Cross-disciplinary Teaching

8-2. English Communication for Pre-service Teachers in Cross-disciplinary Teaching
English Usage and Teaching Practice I
English Usage and Teaching Practice II
Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences, Events (MICE) English
English for Science and Technology
Media English
English Language and Culture 
English for General Academic Purposes
English for Cultural Interpretation
English Briefing and Presentation
Communication across Culture
Academic English Writing