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Life can be wonderful, and there are many wonderful stories in a wonderful life. And every wonderful life story contains the protagonist's precious and unique struggle and growth experience, life philosophy or life wisdom. This lecture intends to invite social elites from all walks of life who have performed outstandingly in the professional field and have drawn a bright and wonderful life for themselves to share their struggle experience, life wisdom and life philosophy shown in the wonderful stories in their wonderful life to the students of our school. To inspire students' will to study, career direction, and expand their life horizons. Through the speakers’ sharing, our students will have more wisdom to plan their learning and career development; our students will have more wisdom and courage to pursue their dreams.

And cooperate with the promotion of the school's general education curriculum, improve the integrity and coherence of the curriculum, strengthen students' learning motivation and direction, stimulate students' potential abilities, promote the concept of general education, and achieve the goals of general education.