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Course Feature

  1. A total of 18 credits are required for elective courses in the general education domain. 

  2. In addition to completing 18 credits of general education courses, students can choose to take elective courses from various domains, which can be counted as flexible credits.

  3. Students are required to complete courses from 4 different domains, totaling 18 credits. This includes a minimum of 2 credits in the Foreign Languages and Cultures domain (including 2 credits), 2 credits for the “Fundamental Programming” course in the Digital Technology and Communications domain, and courses from at least 2 other domains.

  4. Freshmen in the College of Science, Department of Mathematics and Information Education, Department of Computer Science, and Department of Digital Technology Design are exempt from taking the “Fundamental Programming” course but must complete related courses in their respective departments and earn credits. This includes courses from 4 domains, with a minimum of 2 credits from the Foreign Languages and Cultures domain (including 2 credits), and courses from 3 other domains, totaling 18 credits.

  5. The Center of General Education offers 18 micro-credit courses. Students who complete 6-10 credits of the specified subjects in a micro-credit course may apply for a micro-credit course certificate by submitting their transcript to the Center of General Education.